Jorge Ontiveros gallery introduces a new facet of José Manuel Velasco painting production we al ready. Know his works buth in the pictorical field and sculptural one. All of them has a factor in common: strength, vigour, penetration, the fact of being fed by colour as if life blood was.

His colours are an interior fire which rises from his rough and determined brush and which is moulded in a dense and doughy material as if they were tongues in a fire that is sometimes born from the earth and rises to the heights, and sometimes it lowers from heaven or the cathedral’s domes razing to the ground.

His “fauve” spirit goes back, wholeheartedly , in the subconscious – conscious and unconscious at the same time – to the expressionist trends coming from that Groupies and his “descendants” Artists who not only use painting as a purpose and expression but who deal with architecture and music as works and realities.

Memory is crowded by lots of names as Velasco´s predecessors, such as Kichner, Smidcht-Rotluft-even Kansdinsky-.

There is a fraternity among them, not meaning dependence, influence or lack of personality but the other easy round. It is obvious, as in a family, that there are some characteristics in common, blood, identity, kinship. But each one has a well –defined personality which is unmistakeably proved and made firm in his work Velasco´s cathedrals, now shown by Jorge Ontiveros, are a concrete demonstration of this affirmation.

There are baroque elements in some of them an Gothic or “herrerian” in others. In a few there are oriental amalgams cohabiting in a baroque stage.

But all of them have a common de nominator: violent colour, buried strength, the spiritual soul under the dense coat of colour which shapes the hidden forms.

This is, in broad outline, the work shown by the already well-known artist- both by critic and public. Novel and attractive facet in his creative field.

Julio Aumente M.Rücker

De la RR.AA. de Bellas Artes de Córdoba y
Málaga, asociadas al Instituto de España